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How Long


I began painting WC in 1974 when my high school teacher encouraged me to learn the medium. This floral painting was accepted in the MSW art show. I paint florals, portraits and landscapes.

Active in painting


I will be seeking the best spots to paint landscape each day and enjoy painting a soft cloud in the river valley, a strong tree or a sunset at a rocky point.

Painting out side


Painting out side became natural to me after I spent four years painting on location with national artist Stanley Rames as my teacher. I learned all the best techniques in watercolor.

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Material list for watercolor class

I use American Journey paintings I buy from Cheap Joes .com , Ultra Marine Blue, Cobalt blue, Alizarin Red, Poppy Red, Quinacridone Gold, Bumblebee Yellow, Andrews Turquoise, Janet's Violet rose and neutral tint for making  darks. Have a board to attach watercolor paper to with masking tape. Palette for paint loaded before you arrive and an assortment of brushes you like to use. I use a mop brush Princeton Neptune 8 and 1 inch flat, round # 10 and a thin rigger brush. An easel is useful but sitting on the ground gives another perspective. I load my palette warms on the right and cools on the left. Miscellaneous: paper towels, water container, fine mist spray bottle, scraper card or palette knife, an umbrella to keep the sun off your paper.

My students enjoy Learning to paint

Are you ready to learn how to enjoy the watercolor painting techniques I can teach you? Come to a workshop and let's schedule a class. 

Commission deals

Do you want a class at your location? Definitely contact me to get a sweet deal or commission me to paint a portrait of you, your house or pet.

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